Do we trade in miracle results for healthy habits?

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The “bikini operation”, the “January slope”, post-Christmas or the 1st of the month are just complaints. Does it really motivate us to be well only during specific stages of the year? Do the other days not count? How long do you think you can get well and at ease? What do you think if we change the miraculous results for healthy habits?

What often motivates people to start “moving” are concrete goals that are conditioned by a start date and an end date: “I want to look good for my sister’s wedding”, “in the summer I will be able to wear that swimsuit I like so much”… When a person needs to achieve goals in a relatively short period of time, there is a rush, and almost hand in hand, the search for “miraculous” training systems and eating plans. In the world of physical (and mental) well-being, haste is not usually a good counselor. The best allies in these cases are effort, perseverance, sacrifice or overcoming.

Why change miraculous results for healthy habits?

It takes 21 days for an action that needs the willpower to become a habit. A habit is nothing more than an automated, everyday action. And knowing that they don’t exist, let’s forget about miracles. What we need is this. To create healthy habits of life within the three spheres that the HEALTHY model and its DNA defend: Physical Activity, Rest and Nutrition.

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The enthusiasm of the beginnings often confuses us. Let us not forget that we are trying to create habits, and as such, the idea is to introduce them gradually, in a bearable and sustainable way. For a person who does not have physical activity integrated into his or her daily life, making a commitment two days a week and not failing, is outstanding. Let us analyze in the medium term whether this person is capable of adding one more day of physical activity per week to his or her daily routine. And if so, a third or fourth day would already be “tuition fees”.

Miraculous results for healthy habits

What is the best physical activity I can do to achieve my goals?
This is something your trainer should take care of. Remember, in a nutshell, that maintaining a healthy lifestyle in terms of physical activity is not just about training 2-3 days a week. 2-3 days a week corresponds to 2-3 hours of approximately 168 hours of the total week. Therefore, walking, climbing the stairs, making sport plans in your leisure time or walking the dog can be small details that add up when it comes to achieving your goal. And remember that your goal is not “to get to your sister’s wedding as you would like it to be”, but rather habit-forming.

The best physical activity is always “the one you do”. There will be people who are more sympathetic to cardiovascular activities, others who like sports activities more, and others who prefer weights… It is obvious that each training methodology will be better suited for one or the other. But remember that it is 21 days. And if the first 7 days, 5 of them are boring, you’ll probably quit soon…

It takes 21 days for an action that needs the willpower to become a habit

Currently, training methodologies such as HIIT (High-Intensity Interval Training), are hitting hard in the world of Fitness and Training. This system allows reaching tangible results in a relatively short time, making also small-time investments in the duration of the sessions (from 4 to 20 minutes). But be careful, physical activity should always be prescribed by professionals, who must apply the principles of training and, of course, common sense to apply one or another method to their clients.

Physical activity and nutrition go hand in hand

If we said that a specific training plan should always be prescribed by a physical activity professional, an eating plan that pursues a specific goal should also always be prescribed by nutrition and dietetic professionals. Miracle diets do not exist. And many times desperation or haste make us access to food models that put our health at stake.

Each person is different and reacts in a different way to stimuli. This is also true of eating plans. What worked for your friend, who lost 12 kilos in one summer, may be able to hospitalize you. So the first step would be to stop consuming all these junk products: soda or sweetened juice, industrial baked goods or fast food, among others.

Remember that your way of eating must also be sustainable over time. If a person is “addicted” to cola (2 liters a day), removing this stimulus from their daily life can be traumatic. Therefore, in this section, let us also think that we must add little by little and that a can a day is perhaps less bad than a two-liter bottle. Apply it to the other products that you know are forbidden.

Rest is as important as physical activity and food
Stop. Stop and rest. Don’t go crazy. Remember that the body must be allowed to rest. Let’s not forget that muscular improvements and other adaptations after training, occur when the body rests. Surely you know the typical person who enters the gym at 17:00 and goes home at 21:00, after having attended the toning class, abdominals, “functional training” and having done some laps in the pool.

Obsession with physical activity can also be harmful. The body is the wisest machine on the planet, and it can put you in trouble if you don’t use it sparingly. More is not always better. So, a physical activity professional can rent the time you spend on physical activity, and use the remaining time for other things: leisure, free time, family, friends or REST. Quality, rather than quantity. Always.

Muscular improvements and other adaptations after training occur when the body rests

Remember that rest is not just sleeping the hours you need. It also means getting quality sleep (restful sleep) and controlling your stress or anxiety levels. These guidelines are important, especially if your goal is fat loss. Practices such as meditation, yoga, or maintaining an active sex life may help